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About Us

Acknowledging the infinite possibilities of cinema, this Hyderabad, Indian based production house, Reshmas Studios ( previously Reshmas Arts ) explores the world of film to bring new stories and wildest ideas to life to leave a lasting mark in the Indian Film Industry. I'm Mr Rajkumar Brindavan and my wife Mrs Sunitha Rajkumar founded Reshmas Studios in the year 2014 and forayed into the art of filmmaking. My daughter Reshmai is pursuing her M.S. at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA. She is also doing a minor in production management at USC school of cinematic arts. My son Shanmukh is also pursuing his undergraduate at the University of California-Davis, USA.

Reshmas Studios first release Srivalli movie was in the year 2017 in three languages Telugu, Tamil and Kannada. The sci-fi thriller was written and directed by K.V Vijayendra Prasad, the legendary award winning Indian film screenwriter known for his work in the magnum opus Baahubali and Bhajrangi Bhaijaan. Understanding the rapidly growing industry requirements and changing preferences of the audience, our vision is to explore the unexplored territories to make innovative and engaging content.

Vision & Mission


We see our future foothold in setting up studios and facilities across India that cater to international standards of filmmaking. Reshmas Studios will be known for producing films and series globally with high production quality and values still keeping its roots and Indian aesthetics.

Apart from producing films in various Indian languages, our vision is to produce international movies, Web Series, and TV shows. Reshmas Studios would want to associate with eminent production companies with the same passion and zeal towards filmmaking.


Our mission is to find new talent and passionate filmmakers and nurture them to create new age content in diverse genres along with the help of industry professionals and support needed for industry standard productions. We intend to make films in different Indian languages and not just South Indian languages.

Producers & Extended Team

Sunitha Rajkumar - Producer

From extremely humble beginnings as a bank employee, Sunitha's passion for Indian cinema right from her childhood inspired her to foray into the world of film making with her first venture Srivalli in the year 2017. Hailing from West Godavari , Palakollu which is renowned for bringing in artists, producers, writers, directors and lyricists to the Telugu Film Industry.

Sunitha is committed to constantly and consistently push new talent to churn out unique content. Being a critic herself and an ardent film lover across all genres and languages gives her immense knowledge on the art of filmmaking and its ideation. In this male dominated industry Sunitha put her foot forward to make meaningful films and encourage young talent in the industry. She is currently in the league to produce two movies under their banner with a debutant director.

Rajkumar Brindavan - Producer

Mr Rajkumar Brindavan is a well established Entrepreneur in India in the field of Construction and Infrastructure for over two decades. Being an ardent movie lover and highly connected in the Indian film industry, he decided to venture into the world of cinema with the help of his wife Mrs Sunitha and established Reshmas Studios. They made their mark with their debut film Srivalli in the year 2017. His keen business acumen and his unrelenting passion for good cinema drove him to seek out the best in terms of content. He believed that content and story are the key aspects of a film and the vision resulted in a thrilling experience called Srivalli.

Extended Team

They work with well experienced executive producers, distributors, financiers who would work for individual projects based on special requirements.

Reshmai, D/o Mr. Rajkumar Brindavan & Mrs. Sunitha is pursuing her M.S. at the University of Southern California, Los angeles, USA in the field of Computer Engineering. She is also doing a minor in production management at USC school of cinematic arts. Courses include production workshop, producing a screenplay, scheduling and budgeting. After her graduation she will start learning the work culture of current production and scale it up to higher standards. Their son Shanmukh is also keen into creative aspects of production. He is pursuing undergraduate in Aerospace Engineering at the University of California-Davis, USA.

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Our Projects

Srivalli - 2017


Srivalli is a 2017 sci-fi thriller film directed by K. V. Vijayendra Prasad and produced by Sunitha and Rajkumar Brindaavan. The film stars Neha Hinge and Rajath Krishna in the lead roles. M. M. Srilekha rendered music for the film. The film, made with a budget of 7 crores was released in three languages Telugu, Kannada and Tamil.

The movie is about a neuroscientist Srivalli who experiments with brainwave simulation and showcases the effects and consequences she faces post the reaction of the experiment. Srivalli loses track of the past, present and future, unable to recognize the difference between what’s real and what is a simulation that leads to unexplainable results.


K.V.Vijayendra Prasad

High stake drama, suspense, and laughter.

This dark comedy thriller film delivers the perfect balance between big laughs and zany plotlines, and enough crime and mystery elements to keep the audience coming back for more.

Teen Patti

Go All In or Go Home!

Current Project

Covid friendly production

Since the movie is produced majorly in one single location and all covid protocols and guidelines would be adhered to making it much safer and viable for the crew and actors as well.

Stellar OTT performers & New faces

A mix of fresh new faces with well-established actors recognized globally due to their OTT appearances gives this movie a wider reach and exposure to the global market.

PR & Associations

Notable personalities from the Telugu Film Industry like S.S Rajamouli, Actor Ram Charan Tej (Mega Power Star) ,M.M Keeravani (Music Composer Bahubali), Sukumar (telugu leading film maker), Puneeth Rajkumar (Kannada Power Star) were associated and encouraged the film and its events thoroughly participated in all production phases including publicity, pre release event & Audio launch

Also, famous personalities from different regional industries such as Satya Raj from Kannada, SS Rajamouli from Telugu gave their voice overs for the film. Prabhas (Rebel Star Bahubali hero) from Telugu and several other personalities gave their support and encouragement by delivering video bytes and publicizing the film.


They have strong distribution and financial support from industry and connect to leading OTT platforms for digital distribution as well. They are associated with leading production houses in film industry

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Reshmas Studios is located in a prime area in the city admist all other film studios and production houses.

The establishment has all the latest technology and equipment including a preview theater and fully functional edit suite.


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